Zazzco For Restaurants

For Restaurants

Zazzco helps you get new customers in the door and encourages regular visits. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

Changing how customers discover you

We're dedicated to helping customers find amazing local restaurants. If you pride yourself on providing great service and even better food, we can help bring customers to your door.

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Completely Free

Being listed on our website is completely free for your restaurant. There are no ads on Zazzco so you'll never get annoying calls asking for your money from something you thought was "free."

Our Criteria

Not any restaurant can be on Zazzco. You have to be local and you need to have a certain unique flair that makes you worth visiting. If you think you're the best restaurant in your area for your type of cuisine, then reach out to us today.

How to Sign Up

Send us a message via the contact form or email us at We'll let you know if you meet our criteria and send a secret shopper to try your food. If you pass the taste test we'll schedule a meeting with you to learn more about the history of your business and then post your business to the site. We'll keep you informed throughout the sign up process!