Summer Internships

Zazzco is looking to hire between 5 and 8 interns for summer 2015 in the DC Metro Region. Interns will be responsible for signing up local restaurants for Zazzco in their designated neighborhoods and writing reviews for the site. The position is a cross between restaurant reviewer, marketing leader and local connoisseur. Interns who complete the program can expect to earn between $4000 and $12,000 over the summer. If you are interested in marketing, local food and the fast paced world of a start up then this internship may be for you.

Interns sign up restaurants by meeting with owners to get the scoop on what makes their business unique. Zazzco is completely free for local businesses so there is no "selling" in the position but interns will need to be good communicators to explain the benefits of Zazzco to restaurants. After meeting with a business and trying their food interns write a review for the site and get the business setup online.

Interns are compensated through base pay, commission for each business they sign up and a bonus for each Zazzco member who joins at a restaurant they signed up. Interns can expect to sign up between 30 and 90 businesses over the course of the summer. Interns will be trained and supported by Zazzco throughout the program. Interns are expected to work forty hours per week for the summer but hours are flexible.

If you are interested in applying please send an email with your resume to Please do not send a cover letter because we don't want to put anyone through the annoyance of writing one.