About Us

About Us

Why We're Here

Zazzco is here because we saw two needs. The first was a simple way to choose enjoyable local restaurants from the overwhelming amount of information available online. The second was a way for restaurants to attract the right kind of customers in a profitable way. Our service is the result of many late nights, weekends and false starts to develop a platform that can meet both of these needs. Zazzco makes supporting local restaurants simple and fun for our members while meeting the business needs of our restaurant partners. And we're not done. Expect to see improvements as we expand our offerings and continue forward in our mission to make it easy to explore, enjoy and save on great local food.

Our Values

Win-Win for All
We believe that everything we build should provide meaningful and sustainable benefits for all involved. When we look at the restaurant marketing world we see a lack of sustainable practice that costs restaurants more than they can afford and leaves consumers with a bad taste. Accordingly, we strive every day to generate lasting value for our members and restaurant partners.

Always be Improving
Complacency in our eyes is the same as giving up. Our mission is straightforward but wide in scope so standing still is simply not an option for us. We welcome and seek out feedback from everyone and anyone to help us improve.

Simple is Best
The world and our lives are far too complex in so many ways. We endeavor to make our service as simple as practical so you can focus more on exploring and enjoying what life has to offer; after all, that's why we started Zazzco in the first place.

Our History

The idea for Zazzco came after one of our founders spent a frustrating ninety minutes searching online for the perfect restaurant to take his girlfriend to dinner. There had to be a better way to find the best local restaurants and within a few weeks Zazzco had assembled a team and was under development. Zazzco officially launched in July 2014 with restaurant partners in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Since then, the focus has been on building a community around local food that makes choosing a new restaurant easy for hardcore foodies and casual diners alike.